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    Sirius XM

    Thanks for the info! I’ll look into the reset. It does have u-connect and it is a jku
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    Horrible Grills

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of grill modifications but to each there own!
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    Trigger ACS/ OCF pillar light mounts install

    Thanks. So far very pleased with the set up. The app isn’t the greatest. Doesn’t always turn the lights on or is very delayed when using/ won’t connect.
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    Horrible Grills

    Happy grill anyone?
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    Trigger ACS/ OCF pillar light mounts install

    Installed the Trigger Accessory Control System on my wife’s 2014 jkur with OCF pillar light mounts. The reason I went with the trigger set up is because I didn’t have to run wires through the firewall. Overall it is very straight forward wire up and I only needed to reference the directions to...
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    Let's See Those Welds!

    Is this a robotic weld? Or an actual FCA/Jeep employee(s) doing the welding.
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    Any TJ's Left :)

    Still have my TJ but also bought the finacè a JKUR. Only “wheels” if the trails are 20’ wide....
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    Sirius XM

    First time having Sirius XM in my jeep, it randomly will reset to all preview channels but sometimes keep one or two channels after the vehicle is shut off and turned back on. Anyone else experience this. Screen will also black out sometimes if I use the automatic start.
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    Jeep pumpkins!

    Let’s see those jeep pumpkins, it’s that time of the year!!
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    ''Tis the season!

    Let's see those jeeps with some Christmas spirit! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk