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  1. AMcBride423

    Naming Your Jeep... or not?

    Roxanne!! ...dont you put on the red light!
  2. AMcBride423

    Hello from Charlotte TN

    Welcome to the forums! Yes, the windmills are a part of WindRocks property. That what I was told when I went down there last November at least...
  3. AMcBride423

    Mall Crawling

    Sadly no, was from back in June of 2017. Just came across this urban crawling thread while bored and thought Id share one of my mall crawling adventures.
  4. AMcBride423

    Greetings from Illinois

    Welcome to the forums, show off that rig!
  5. AMcBride423

    Hello from Northern California

    Welcome to the forums!!
  6. AMcBride423

    Hello from Arkansas

    Welcome to the forums!!
  7. AMcBride423

    Hello from Land O Lakes, Florida

    Wecome to the forums!
  8. AMcBride423

    Mall Crawling

    Here are a few pictures from one of my local GenRight Nights
  9. AMcBride423

    LCG vs Shock travel vs clearance, or, should i do a body lift?

    I know this is an older post...but for those who may be in a similar position: LCOG builds are the way to go. Lift little as possible, you dont need a crazy amount of up travel, droop is more important. With the 3.5" MC and 6paks, you have more than plenty lift and travel to be running 37s. Just...
  10. AMcBride423

    Top 5 Most Important Upgrades/Mods For Your Jeep

    My personal top 5 list that I recommend to new Jeepers is: Mud Terrains Recovery Gear (Kinetic tow rope, static rope, shackles, winch, etc.) Armor (Bumpers, skids, rock sliders) Lockers Lift Now, this list is not for those who overland, this is for the rock crawlers and more heavy wheelers...
  11. AMcBride423

    AOAA: Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area

    A buddy and I are planning to make a trip out to PA to hit Rausch and thought that we would hit this park up as well since neither of us have been out there. I have heard that the park is similar to WindRock in TN as it is huge, with miles of green and blue trails inbetween the harder more fun...
  12. AMcBride423

    New Tires Milestar Patagonia

    Anyone running these in the Mid-West/North East?? I am looking to pick up a set of the 38s myself, and all the reviews on them I can find are from people out west. Id really like to know how they do here in Ohio as a lot of our trails are often muddy and our rocks slick and covered in moss. Im...
  13. AMcBride423

    Jeep Dad: A Rubicon Recon for Family of 7

    Living the Jeep life 100%!! So awesome to see the whole family involved and loving it. Subbed to your youtube channel! All pictures showed up for me by the way.
  14. AMcBride423

    Naming Your Jeep... or not?

    I call my Jeep the Red Baron. Took a long time to decide on a name...came up with that because well, one, its red, lol. Im also a pilot so thought a WWI ace was suitable for a name. I also got the nickname #TheRedTurtle because I highcenter a lot since I havent lifted it any yet...all my friends...
  15. AMcBride423

    Rock Rash

    Theyre really not too bad price wise, and they make everything so much easier. We use it for work on all of our personal vehicles and saves so much time.
  16. AMcBride423

    Red Baron JKU

    They were pretty bad, the vibrations were much worse with the bad driveshafts. After replacing shafts, they subsided a good bit, but were definitely noticable, mostly when the engine was under strain between 1800-2700 rpm. Also, above 70mph everything completely smoothed out which was odd. It...
  17. AMcBride423

    Rock Rash

    That is my personal lift.
  18. AMcBride423

    Red Baron JKU

    After New Years I finally got around to pulling my rear differential... What we found was slightly months after running a dry diff for two hours on the highway, combined with heavy wheeling and two driveshafts going out had caused my rear pinion to start shedding teeth. Dont...
  19. AMcBride423

    Tire carriers

    Don't know if you have decided on a carrier by now or not, but I will throw my 2 cents out there to the masses. I went with the GenRight tire carrier as it removes all weight from the tailgate and hinges. It will easily hold a 42" tire, even though Im only running little baby 35s right now...
  20. AMcBride423

    Rock Rash

    Guess I will post a little rock rash update. Artec Skid plates are holding up amazingly. This picture was from 14Mar2018. Will have to get a more recent one.