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  1. dirtroadadventure

    My 2015 Jeep Unlimted Rubicon Dark Crystal

    Awesome, I actually just bought a set of Falcons through Northridge's 12 days sale. Super excited to install them!
  2. dirtroadadventure

    AEV Rear JK Bumper $800

    For sale is a gently used AEV rear bumper with water tanks. I'm only selling the rear bumper, tire carrier is not for sale. Water tanks are plumbed together with brass fittings, pex and a ball valve located behind the tow hitch. Located in OC California, looking for $800 and would like to...
  3. dirtroadadventure

    My 2015 Jeep Unlimted Rubicon Dark Crystal

    Nice looking Jeep! Any feedback on the Falcon shocks? I'm looking at a set of the 3.3s for my JKU. Did you go the 2.5-3.5 or 4-6" version? With the height of the MC coils I'm debating the 4-6" lift shocks.
  4. dirtroadadventure

    Rear Brake Line Extensions vs. Longer Brake Lines Metalcloak 3.5" Springs / Arms

    Yea, I was thinking that might be the case but was trying to see if these lines could work for now. Thanks for the info.
  5. dirtroadadventure

    CB or HAM

    Baofengs are great. Our club uses them and almost never uses CBs, wish I had never installed my Cobra 75, lol.
  6. dirtroadadventure

    Oil Change

    Nope, 3.6 in a 2013, but from what I've read they changed the housing in the 2014 and up 3.6s.
  7. dirtroadadventure

    Rear Brake Line Extensions vs. Longer Brake Lines Metalcloak 3.5" Springs / Arms

    I just purchased the rear Metalcloak arms / 3.5" springs to upgrade from my 2.5" ones that I felt were a bit too low for my needs. Any thoughts on whether the stock rear brake lines with the Metalcloak brake line relocation kit will work or if I should get longer brake lines? I basically...
  8. dirtroadadventure

    Yellow or Amber fog light options? any one have advice?

    Check out Baja Designs, they have an easy change lens on most if not all their lights. Their squadron / squadron pro's that fit into the stock fog light housing area have this lens feature.
  9. dirtroadadventure

    SPOD experince anyone

    Spod is great, only gripe I had was I wished I had bought the touch screen instead of the 8 switch SE version so I could route seat heaters through the SPOD for a clean install. I hate the look of the aftermarket toggle switches on the center console or dash.
  10. dirtroadadventure

    What to look for when purchasing a used JKU

    Definitely get the 3.6 not the 3.8, people will think I'm nuts but I'm still on 3.21 gears and 35" tires and it's a pretty good driver on the highway / around town.
  11. dirtroadadventure

    Roll Bar VS "Safety Cage" - Best Safety Cages for Jeeps

    I really like the Evo high visibility cage, seems to allow for more visibility vs. the rock hard cross bar that sticks up higher into the windshield.
  12. dirtroadadventure

    You want a FREE JL?!?!?!

    Hard to say no to a $5 chance to win.
  13. dirtroadadventure

    60's and 40's for Christmas?

    Eventually a 60 rear and 44 front will be in the plans, little tight this year but I think it'll make sense to upgrade vs paying for new gear sets and install of lockers in my rear dana 44 and then purchasing a dana 44 front and having it beefed up.
  14. dirtroadadventure

    What do you prefer?

    I'm leaning toward ARBs. A few guys I wheel with have them and have had good luck with them.
  15. dirtroadadventure

    Mud or Rocks, River or Beach?

    Rocks, it's a lot of fun and like Todd said, cleaning mud sucks! Once you've had to clean it up, you'll never hammer through a mud pit again, haha.
  16. dirtroadadventure

    Power tank refills

    Another option is a beer / beverage shop. There's one down by me that will refill tanks or sell a whole C02 setup.
  17. dirtroadadventure

    Oil Change

    Mobil 1 and whatever filter I can get cheap. Last time I did my oil it was a bitch. I started unscrewing the filter cap and when I pulled it off I heard a "ping' and realized the crappy plastic bypass valve had bit the dust. Amazon to the rescue and I had my Jeep back up and running a day later...
  18. dirtroadadventure

    Tire carriers

    I initially had the Metalcloak Tire Carrier, thing was stout and looked great but I realized I really wanted the ease of opening just the tailgate and also wanted to be able to mount my hi lift / pull pal all at once on the swing arm. I went to an AEV rear bumper / tire carrier and I'm pretty...
  19. dirtroadadventure

    Lift Kits

    I've enjoyed my Metalcloak ARB Dual Sport 2.5" lift on my JKU. The lift has been great and it's gotten me through a lot of trails that as a newb I wasn't sure I'd make it with open diffs. However, I did take advantage of the Black Friday sale and upgraded to 3.5" springs and a set of rear...