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  1. TJ_Tim

    Rear seats

    Font seats do fit. I've seen a couple builds on a few different forums. You will have to do some modifying to the sliders though or build custom ones altogether depending on how close to the floor you want them to set.
  2. TJ_Tim

    Front axle wanted pr44 or Dana 44

    Not to mention a crazy warranty. Something like 10 years. IF I had the money I'd go Carbon. But getting an axle off the shelf never seems to fit my needs. Once I'm done I'll only need a 4.10. 4.56 are too much. :D
  3. TJ_Tim

    Rock Rash

    What's the weight rating on your lift?
  4. TJ_Tim

    Honda Releases Pricing on the Talon

    While that stereotype exists for an overwhelming majority... hence the stereotype, I've got a few friends that I've gone out with a few times that only the too loud rule applies. Not sure you can get around that one unless you drown it in a puddle. Other than that, I would say your percentage...
  5. TJ_Tim

    Naming Your Jeep... or not?

    My wife had a '98 TJ before we got married. She called "Funsized" as she is 5'1" and it was lifted. Luchbox locker in the front and a 5spd. Total opposite of the normal funsized mentality. Haven't come up with one for the LJ yet, but I believe it's got to earn it. SO for now its just "The Jeep"
  6. TJ_Tim

    Hello from Arkansas

  7. TJ_Tim

    In 2019 I Resolve To Jeep with Metalcloak!

    Wrong thread. Need to post here... I Resolve To Jeep Giveaway
  8. TJ_Tim

    Hello from Charlotte TN

    Welcome. Not highjacking a thread but I've been to Windrock a few times and then went with a Jamboree a few years ago u pthe mountain all the windmills are on. Not sure if that's part of Windrock or not. I wasn't familiar with any of the entrances we used.
  9. TJ_Tim

    Jeep Dad: A Rubicon Recon for Family of 7

    When Jeep is life. I'm glad you found someone just as willing to enjoy your passion as you do... and now a family to share in the journey. What an awesome story. I have an old Cougar and an LJ. My son wants to be in one of these all the time. Mom drives a Commander but just like your Liberty...
  10. TJ_Tim

    Reverse question. Anyone know who makes this?

    Looks custom and similar to this guys setup.
  11. TJ_Tim

    Need some advice/reality Check

    there is a guy about 50 miles away from me with a 44 that's got 4:56 and running a yukon zip wanting $1400 for his so with the upgraded brakes and the ARB I'd say you're not too far off. I wouldn't go over 2 for it if it were me... but then again, I'm not familiar with the local Florida market.
  12. TJ_Tim

    MetalCloak Fender Flares

    Anyone have an overlay of the fender coverage. Wanting to see the true difference on a top of the hood looking down over the fenders comparison of the different options. 4, 6 and 8.
  13. TJ_Tim


    I've always liked the idea of a cowl intake and seen a few done but I'm not sure if Id be able to clear everything once the diesel gets dropped.
  14. TJ_Tim

    Headlight decisions

    Had those in my old TJ with their slimlite fogs and long range lights on the windshield. The headlights themselves were a a major improvement. Decided to go the LED route this time and have a cheap pair of halogens on the bumper for really cold and snowy months.
  15. TJ_Tim

    2019 Metalcloak "I Resolve to Jeep" Giveaway!

    Tim Armstrong In 2019 I Resolve To Jeep with Metalcloak! To fulfill my pledge I need: 1. LJ Lock-N-Load Long-Arm Suspension System, 6 Pak Edition 2. Overline Tube Fender, Pair, TJ/LJ 3. Rocker Rail, Pair, TJ Unlimited/LJ and CJ-8
  16. TJ_Tim

    Wheelersburg, Ohio

    Hey all! Not new to the jeeping world, just this forum. Got an 05 LJ that basically stock except for a spacer lift and some 33’s. Just picked it up a month ago after being Wranglerless for just over a year. Had a 98 TJ that was only missing the kitchen sink. And the wife and I share an 06...