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  1. kY_jEeP_gIrL

    New article on ModernJeeper about Overlanding

    We are working on setting up our rig for overlanding. We have a gifted-to-us rooftop tent on a Rhino Rack and our LS12 12volt Snomaster fridge/freezer and our trusty Tembo Tusk Skottle & are working on all the other finer details. Haven't had the chance to do any real trips yet, but planning...
  2. kY_jEeP_gIrL

    Fridge install in a JK

    We have a small 12 volt fridge/freezer from Snomaster. LOVE IT! It barely uses any battery (we have an AGM battery) and keeps stuff plenty cold... it also freezes but you can only do one or the other with this small a fridge. We want to get a larger one soon. We've only had our Jeep since...
  3. kY_jEeP_gIrL

    Nice Jeep. You lookin' for a co-pilot? ;)

    Nice Jeep. You lookin' for a co-pilot? ;)
  4. kY_jEeP_gIrL

    2019 Metalcloak "I Resolve to Jeep" Giveaway!

    Geannie Gray In 2019 I Resolve to Jeep with Metalcloak! To fulfill my pledge I need: 1. JK Wrangler Game-Changer Suspension, 2.5"/3.5", 6Pak Edition 2. UnderCloak Integrated Armor System, JK, 4-Door 3. JK Wrangler Rear Bumper "Crawler" Tire Carrier, 62" BPC