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  1. Todd Ockert

    Rock Rash

    Watch ebay or craigslist for a used lift. A friend back in Cali just bought one on ebay for a couple hundred dollars.
  2. Todd Ockert

    MetalCloak Fender Flares

    Nice looking Jeep. I like how you painted the inner tube to match you Jeep.
  3. Todd Ockert

    Hello from Land O Lakes, Florida

  4. Todd Ockert

    New Jeeper

  5. Todd Ockert

    Headlight decisions

    Update I got the light last week in the mail from Quake. I installed it today, and it has no issues. I will test it out at night this weekend to see if I notice a difference with this new one compared to the one that had an LED out. It was nice that they reached out to me and replaced this...
  6. Todd Ockert

    Keep Good Tires on the Rear

    I rotate mine going down the road! They rotate and rotate and rotate until I am at the mall!
  7. Todd Ockert

    Swapping JK axles under TJ

    Post some pictures of the attachment. I am sure Tom Woods can build you a drive shaft once you tell him what the attachment point is on the axle. I think the JK axles are a little wider than the TJ ones are. You might run into a few issues with where the coil springs sit and possibly the...
  8. Todd Ockert

    NV Jeepers

  9. Todd Ockert

    Hello from Nor California

  10. Todd Ockert

    New JKU from PA

    Welcome and ask away.
  11. Todd Ockert

    Hello from Central Maine

  12. Todd Ockert

    2019 Metalcloak "I Resolve to Jeep" Giveaway!

    Congrats to the winners
  13. Todd Ockert

    Hello from Charlotte TN

  14. Todd Ockert

    Hello from Arkansas

  15. Todd Ockert

    What’s In YOUR Jeep?

    Excellent list. I also carry a bag of misc bolts and nuts from the different modifications where I got new hardware from the manufacture, I throw the old stuff into this bag or 1 or 2 of them. I also have a small box with wire repair tools, splices, wire, and this box has my spare fuses and a...
  16. Todd Ockert

    Rock Rash

    Wish my garage was like that one!
  17. Todd Ockert

    2019 Metal Cloak giveaway

    I am locking this thread. Please re-post in the correct thread. Todd
  18. Todd Ockert

    2019 metalcloak giveaway

    I am locking this thread. You will need to repost in the correct thread. Todd
  19. Todd Ockert

    Need some advice/reality Check

    I would check to see what a Ford 9 inch would run new or a D44 new from someone (Currie, G-2 or Carbon) with the same setup. I installed a ford 9 inch from Currie in the rear of my Jeep years ago. It was more than the D44, but I already had a semi-built 44 that I was breaking. Todd
  20. Todd Ockert

    Headlight decisions

    Update Rob from Quake LED found my article and reached out to me about the light with the LED that was out. They are shipping me a new light under warranty. I will update the article after the new light arrives. Todd