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    Absolutely Awesome Personal Lighting from Milwaukee Tool

    Gotta plug one of their other products for you too... For those of us in colder climates (hey, it's 28 degrees here in VA this morning!), Milwaukee has a line of battery-operated heated sweatshirts. These things are freakin' toasty, and run off the same 18v batteries you'd use in your cordless...
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    JL Owner's Manual leaked!

    Everything you could possibly want to know about the 2018 JL/U is here! Rejoice! O_E
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    Hello from Northern Virginia

    Hey all Some of you may recognize me from other Jeeping type forums, hadn't known about MJF until this morning. Let's see... where to start. I daily-drive my 2016 Rubicon (2.5" Frankenlift from Quadratec, some lighting upgrades, etc... on 33's) called Odin The wife has her 2013 Sport...