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  1. Todd Ockert

    Happy Thanksgiving ModernJeepers

    Just wanted to wish all of our Modern Jeeper family a Happy Thanksgiving. Take a moment to give thanks to all of our deployed military for their sacrifice this Thanksgiving. Todd
  2. Todd Ockert

    Land Use Orgs and Resources

    This is a list that I put together. Please add to it. Arizona Arizona 4WDC California California 4WDC Colorado Colorado 4WDA East Coast East Coast 4WDA Great Lakes Great Lakes 4WDA...
  3. Todd Ockert

    Three 4x4 trails locals swear are better in the fall.

    Three trails better in the fall Link
  4. Todd Ockert

    Sharetrails Magazine #13

    For those that are members, you should see your magazine in your mailbox anytime. If you have not seen it yet, or want to preview the digital version, here is a link. Thanks Todd
  5. Todd Ockert

    Sharetrails Magazine #12

    If you want to see what the National Land Use organization, Sharetrails has been working on, here is a link to their magazine.
  6. Todd Ockert

    BlueRibbon Coalition Seeks Executive Director

    This will go out via the BRC socials on Thursday. Please feel free to share or apply if interested. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Todd Ockert, Chair Executive Director Search Committee Phone: (208) 237-1008, ext. 105 Email: Date: March 14...
  7. Todd Ockert

    California - Grants Season is open

    For you Cali Jeepers. The grant approval season is open. Check out who is asking for grants and make comments on why or why not on some of these. There is one grant request from an Anti-OHV group that is known to work to close trails in the Eldorado Forest area. Here is one that is a good...
  8. Todd Ockert

    NEW MEXICO – Santa Fe NF Announces 2018 Forest Plan Revision Open House Dates The Santa Fe National Forest (SFNF) will host Open Houses to give the public the opportunity to talk with Forest Service specialists about the Forest Plan under revision. There is no...
  9. Todd Ockert

    CALIFORNIA – BLM to Host Public Scoping Meetings to Consider Changes to Desert Renewa The Bureau of Land Management will host eight public scoping meetings in the process to consider amending three land use plans that underlie the Desert...
  10. Todd Ockert

    Sharetrails Magazine #11

    Link to our latest magazine. Enjoy Todd
  11. Todd Ockert

    USFS is Proposing to Revise Its NEPA Procedures – UPDATE Issues and Talking Points Included As we earlier announced the Forest Service is proposing to revise its National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) procedures with the goal of increasing efficiency of...
  12. Todd Ockert

    Trail Communications

    Who is still using a CB radio to communicate on the trail? Most of our club has made the switch over to VHF/UHF radios. Most of us bought them from Rugged Radios because they are close to us. We like the increased communications distance and clarity of the communications from these radios. I...
  13. Todd Ockert

    Holiday Message

    Hey Modern Jeepers As my wife and I get ready to head out to a family function in a little bit to celebrate an early Christmas with the family, it made me think of the things I am thankful for this year. As always, I am thankful for a wonderful wife and family support structure that is...
  14. Todd Ockert

    Who is in Texas?

    So, at the end of the year, we are moving from Cali to Texas. Lots of things are cheaper, gas, vehicle registrations, houses. We are looking forward to the move, but going to miss our Cali Jeeping family. We will make new friends though. So, just asking who is in Texas, and where? We are...
  15. Todd Ockert

    Who to support?

    We get asked this question all the time. Here is a list of member organizations and businesses that support Sharetrails/BRC. This is a good start. Also check the list of supporters at your local events and support them or pass their...
  16. Todd Ockert

    UFWDA online Voice magazine

    Here is a link to the United Four Wheel Drives Associations Voice magazine. I have a couple of articles in it. Todd
  17. Todd Ockert

    Jeep Beach West - Pismo Cali

    Hey MJ'ers. I almost forgot about this event in Pismo California this weekend. Event starts today, Oct 6th. Play on the sand dunes and a big vendor show on Sat with a raffle. Sunday will have a big Jeep parade on the beach. I will be there with the Sharetrails booth and the MetalCloak...
  18. Todd Ockert

    Reporting a Public Lands Issue

    If you know of a specific issue that Sharetrails/BRC should know about, please feel free to use this form on the web page. Public Lands Issue Then to see what is happening with this issue or see what some of our contractors are doing, you can check this page. Status Check Please give them a...
  19. Todd Ockert

    Future of OHV Recreation in Golden State Secured By Passage of Bipartisan Legislation