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  1. Todd Ockert

    Roll Bar VS "Safety Cage" - Best Safety Cages for Jeeps

    We installed the GenRight cage in our TJ. Love how beefy it is for if we ever roll the Jeep over. We never plan to, but things happen! Great video. Todd
  2. Todd Ockert

    Top 5 Most Important Upgrades/Mods For Your Jeep

    I would agree that lockers should be last. I wheeled my Jeep lifted and on bigger tires for a long time before we installed lockers. We went just about every place that folks did with lockers. Driver skill and spotting is what helped us keep up and do the same obstacles as them. Learning the...
  3. Todd Ockert

    Ask The Expert- Wheel choices for a fresh build

    I know Method makes some good wheels. I have not run them on my Jeep since we have owned it. We went from stock to black steel wheels to our current Raceline Monster Beadlocks. I do not remember what the backspacing or off-set is, other than I can tell you it does have a wider stance then...
  4. Todd Ockert

    Hello from maine

  5. Todd Ockert

    Hello - fellow Jeepaholics

    Welcome from West Texas.
  6. Todd Ockert

    Steering Upgrade

    I have not done the over the knuckle kit on my TJ, but I do run the Currie Correct Lynk steering upgrade. I have beat it, dragged it and pushed rocks around with it and no issues. Todd
  7. Todd Ockert

    Land Use Orgs and Resources

    When you add something, I will add it to my word document and update the above list. Appreciate everyone's help in adding to this list. Todd
  8. Todd Ockert

    Hello from east Texas

    Welcome to MJ. We call West Texas, Odessa home. Todd
  9. Todd Ockert

    Any TJ's Left :)

    One of the guys I work with did an LS swap on his. His was the SE model with the 4 cylinder, so it was a natural upgrade. One of the guys I wheeled with this past weekend, installed a 4BT diesel in his. He got it from a potato chip van. It sounded really sweet when he got on it hard enough to...
  10. Todd Ockert

    Dana30 locker

    I have been running the loc-rite for years with no issues on my D-30. I am running 35" tires also. I have only broke 1 axle since the install and larger tires. It is all about easy on the skinny peddle though. Let the Jeep crawl using the Atlas and 4.56 gears for slow and easy. Todd
  11. Todd Ockert

    Off-road trails by region?

    I think it would be great to add this to the forum. It could be some work to make sure it is accurate though. GPS tracks could be uploaded also for the trail. There are a couple of free web sites with trail info already. is one site already. Todd
  12. Todd Ockert

    My 2004 Rubicon

    Welcome. MetalCloak is having a give-away, and you could win a complete lift kit. Just need to enter. Todd
  13. Todd Ockert

    Land Use Orgs and Resources

    This is a list that I put together. Please add to it. Arizona Arizona 4WDC California California 4WDC Colorado Colorado 4WDA East Coast East Coast 4WDA Great Lakes Great Lakes 4WDA...
  14. Todd Ockert

    Anyone have experience with the MetalCloak longs travel short arm kit?

    We have the 3.5 inch kit on our jeep. It performs flawlessly on the trails. I don't DD it very much but it does handle well on the road. This picture is from Swamp Lake Trail in the High Sierra's. A very technical trail with lots of big obstacles to overcome.
  15. Todd Ockert

    Hello from Utah

    Welcome to MJ
  16. Todd Ockert

    Hello from Arkansas

    Welcome to MJ
  17. Todd Ockert

    Headlight decisions

    I put some new LED headlights in my TJ earlier this year. I will do a write-up on the install and short term use for the site. I will have to look at the box to see who made them. Look for that soon. Todd
  18. Todd Ockert

    metalcloak TJs

    Our Cloaked TJ. This was on Swamp Lake Trail in the Sierra National Forest during the 2017 Cal4Wheel High Sierra Event.
  19. Todd Ockert

    New Sharetrails Magazine

    Phillip was also kind enough to submit an article that was also on the front page of Thanks Matson and Phillip for letting us/them share it in the magazine. Great job on the article. Todd