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  1. Artec

    Artec Industries JLUR Build

    A few weeks ago Artec Industries picked up our 2018 JLUR from a Dealer in Michigan , We had drove it back to our facility 1600 miles over the next day and a half. On the drive we averaged 19mpg. (pretty good mileage for driving 80 mph ) Once it was back here All of us employees drooled all over...
  2. Artec

    Artec Industries has received our JL

    ARTEC INDUSTRIES is committed to offering innovative products for the NEW JEEP JL Wrangler. Sofar, We are impressed by the JL Lots of things were improved over the JL but there is still room for improvement We have already started working on ours and have parts instock and ready to go with...
  3. Artec

    What products would you like Artec Industries to make for the JL

    As the topic states : What products would you like to be produced from Artec Industries for the JL Platform ?
  4. Artec

    Say What ?????? Artec has armor for TJ's and LJ's !!!!!!!

    Just Released Today ! TJ/LJ Body armor Rear corners and Flares available in Steel or Aluminum ! Jeep TJ Rear Corner Armor Steel MADE IN USA Simple, Heavy Duty bolt-on protection for your Jeep Wrangler TJ Worried about...
  5. Artec

    New TJ Products from Artec Industries !

    That's Right , NEW TJ PRODUCTS !!!! We haven't forgot about the TJ guy's . Stock Trackbar Bracket Replacement for TJ Front Axle This heavy bracket is designed to replace the weak factory trackbar bracket on the front 30 and Rubicon 44 axles in the Jeep TJ, LJ, XJ, and ZJ. The...
  6. Artec

    What exactly is Artec Industries up to ?

    TJ/LJ Guys Here is some eye candy for you ! We are building a LJ here at artec industries. Expect some new TJ/LJ products to be released in the future !
  7. Artec

    New Vendor on Modern Jeeper

    Hey, Artec is finally over on Modern Jeeper we are one of the vendors here, Be sure to check us out in the vendors section.