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  1. chitown35

    Suggestions for Modern Jeeper Adventures

    Awesome, I was not aware of your site, thanks! I'll have to keep an eye open.
  2. chitown35

    "Urban Wheeling" photos

    Thought I'd share this Jeeportunity photo saw at the mall the other day. Anyone else got urban wheeling photos?
  3. chitown35

    LCG vs Shock travel vs clearance, or, should i do a body lift?

    Any other opinions on this? Ordering tires tomorrow.
  4. chitown35

    Rear sway bar sale

    Still available
  5. chitown35

    Rear Driveshaft

    Still available. Actually have 2 available now
  6. chitown35

    Artec Industries JLUR Build

    Nice looking build! You guys have any plans of testing stuff with big tires, 6pak shock type uptravel? Also, just got your jk t6 aluminum belly pan btw, good looking stuff (at least before I put it on and scratch it up lol)
  7. chitown35

    Suggestions for Modern Jeeper Adventures

    I'd love to see a trip with a few different trails or a longer experience. Maybe both Fordyce and the Rubicon, something like that. It'd be a lot better for people who can't get out west more than once a year. Other trails I'd love to see as an option would be Cleghorn and Dusy Ershim.
  8. chitown35

    Rotating 6pak shock body

    So I've got 35x12.5 tires right now on 3.5" backspaced wheels. And at full flex/stuff and turn I've got some minimal rubbing against the new style 6pak shock body. I'm thinking it'd be a lot better if I rotated the shock body so the 5th/6th tubes were facing rearward instead of outward. Has...
  9. chitown35

    Anybody running KM3s yet?

    I'm thinking of getting them in 37x12.5. Currently on STT Pros and love them but they are a bit wide for clearance against my 6paks. So if you've got them, what do you think?
  10. chitown35

    LCG vs Shock travel vs clearance, or, should i do a body lift?

    Thanks. I actually already have some pretty high clearance fenders that I've done some cutting under also. So right now I'm as far as I wanna go there with the options available. So, that's why I was debating COG vs shock travel. From what I understood, a 1.25" body lift isn't much of a...
  11. chitown35

    LCG vs Shock travel vs clearance, or, should i do a body lift?

    So I'm currently running 35s with 1" bumpstop (on a JK). I'm moving up to 37s and will have to choose how to handle it. Add 1" bumpstop, or add 1" body lift. What do you think? 1. Add bumpstop and decrease uptravel? 2. Add a body lift and raise COG? 3. Add a body lift and get shorter springs...
  12. chitown35

    Jk grille insert

    One piece black steel grille insert. $40. Local pickup or you pay shipping.
  13. chitown35

    Rear Driveshaft

    Make me an offer, I'll probably accept. Rear Driveshaft and yokes too if you want them. Local pickup in the Chicago suburbs or you pay shipping.
  14. chitown35

    Rear sway bar sale

    Got a couple jk rear sway bars for sale. One of the thicker 19mm bar, the other the thinner 17mm bar. Make me whatever offer you want, I'll probably accept. Either local pickup or you pay shipping, located in the Chicago suburbs.