1990 Comanche

This is the Comanche Eliminator I bought a couple months ago, it's 4.0, AW4 auto, 4x4, ac, power steering, and was towed behind a RV for most of its life.

Here it is the day I bought it
I've been doing a ton of work to it, and fixing everything the guy who bought it from the old man either didn't do, or didn't do right. It's coming along nicely though, I'm down to just fixing the rust on it come springtime.

This is what it looks like right now
The latest thing I did: replaced almost the entire braking system. I took a booster/master from an 04 Grand Cherokee at the JY, and replaced my front lines with Rubi Express braided lines and Power Stop calipers from Summit. (It's great living right down the street from there) This comes after I blew one of the lines that goes to the back and had to re do the other one that the PO didn't do right. IMG_20181012_103020_581.jpg IMG_20181012_163824_225.jpg
Awesome find. That is a rig I would love to have and build. Any future plans coming on it?
Not planning on really lifting it more than it is now, I'm going to take the bed off in the spring and do the cab corners/floors, clean up the frame, and fix the bedsides. I'm thinking of doing an 8.8 swap and a newer d30 up front with some TrueTracs, possibly lockout hubs if the centers would fit through the wheels I have. It's too clean and original to cut it up