Any overlanding peeps?


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My TJ used to be more overlanding friendly with the roof rack, and in the day, a back rack over tire type. Now that I have skinnied up my jeep, I usually pull a trailer when I overland.

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Couple more upgrades. [IMG]

Metalcloak rocker protection
Metalcloak accessory mount for the Rotopax
Highlift jack
RAM mount for the tablet

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And a Dana 44 and disc brake upgrade. Scored the housing in a trade. I Geared it to 4.88’s with track lok carrier. Buddy gave me the ARB cover (thanks Scott with Cloakworks)
Finally get rid of the Dana 35!

Then onto finding a cheap high pinion Dana 30 out of a XJ and get that built. Granted it’s still a 30, but the XJ has a larger ring gear and a bit tougher being a reverse cut gear set. Can’t afford a front 44, but this Jeep will never be doing hardcore trails

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Been playing a bit more. Added rear lighting. Really pleased how the KC flood led pods light up inside the back. I’ll run the wiring different down the rack eventually.


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Nice table.
Someone else makes one.
I just checked out their site.
Not a bad price on the table either.

I looked at the single table ones and they were cheaper priced. But having a TJ, more use space the better lol

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A single table one I am sure I could make pretty easy.
Aluminum angle and aluminum sheets cut to size.

Buying this one would save me the time of building one though.

Nice setup on your TJ.


Made use of the TJ this weekend finally. Just a overnight trip to do a shake down run. Definitely need to have better organization! My OCD was going nuts. And the smittybilt tent pad is horrible, I’ll be looking for more padding in future trips. All and all though, my daughter and I had a great time.

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