Any pic's of overhead DIY aux/cb bar

Just wondering if anyone has made an overhead bar that would connect from the footman loop to the factory JK roll bar (above the dome light) that would support a CB and or other items like a flashlight, bags or whatever? I know there are vendor made items out there but interested in DIY ideas, thanks.
If you figure something out let the rest of us know! I'll be putting an SPod in above the rear-view mirror before too long so I need a place for the CB. Thought about seeing if there would be clearance for knees if I did some DIY fab on the plastic panel below the steering wheel, but haven't yet.
I ordered my sPod and should be here any day now hopefully I will have a chance to install it this weekend. Once that is in place then I can see if the footman loop if it is still available for me to attach too. I have bought two 3' racks, "Tap Mount" brand (about $15 from Menards) that were designed to be hung on garage walls to hang your shovels, racks & such. The racks are three sided & have holes already built into them in many places. I am hoping to use them together to form a boxed channel to run the CB coax wire maybe an additional led dome light?? Without going crazy on the amount of weight that one may try to hang from it should support a CB & a flashlight plus wires will depend on the mounting to the Jeep?? You can spray the racks with paint or bed liner or maybe cover them in black pipe insulation foam?? Don't know until I try kinda thing going on here, hope it works.

Heres some ideas. Hopefully it will get juices flowing. I was going to try something like this on my tj but didnt find a good way to mounts to the windshield
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Here's a pic from a friends YJ, sadly I don't have any other info as he tragically passed the day after this photo was taken. I don't think it's attached at the windshield though. I used to have a double compartment overhead Tuffy console that attached at the windshield and used two u-bolts at the back to hold it to the roll bar.