Anyone have experience with the MetalCloak longs travel short arm kit?

Picked up a kit during the veterans day sale just waiting on time to install it but i heard and have seen nothing but good things from people running that kit.
I have the 3 1/2 inch MetalCloak short arm, long travel kit and love it. First, it came with everything and was easy to install. One part came missing a rubber grommet and MetalCloak took care of it very quickly. I have been running the lift now for 3 years. I have no sagging springs and everything still works great. It gives a firm ride, handles great on the freeway even at 80mph and performs amazingly off road. I have driven it in heavy rain at 70-80mph, through deep snow both freeway and trails, and on forest service roads in the mud. I don’t have squeaks or rattles. Several friends gave me grief about the expense but now that they see there are no problems and no “little issues “ that crop up they are impressed.


We have the 3.5 inch kit on our jeep.
It performs flawlessly on the trails.
I don't DD it very much but it does handle well on the road.
This picture is from Swamp Lake Trail in the High Sierra's.
A very technical trail with lots of big obstacles to overcome.



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I have a JK, but I can tell you that it handles way better than my rig did off the show room floor. Its hands down the best upgrade I have made since owning the Jeep. I thing you will be very pleased. IMG_0588.JPG IMG_0154.jpg
I have had this kit on my 2006 L.J.R. since March of this year. I couldn't be more pleased with the kit. It's a little stiffer on the road than stock but that makes it handle better than it did when I bought it with 26,000 miles on it in 2008 and I drive it 50 mile round trip five days a week. On the trails.....She performs way beyond my expectations!!! You can't go wrong with this kit!!!
I too am looking to eventually make mine an overland Jeep. Keep us posted on your build.