Battery issues with winch?

I'm about to install a Zeon 10-s on my '17 JK. I'm trying to do as much prep work as I can before I dive into the installation. I was wondering if anybody has ever experienced battery/power issues after installing a winch and needed to upgrade the stock battery? I don't anticipate that it would cause an issue but I was just talking to somebody about it and they raised the question. Thanks in advance!
I've had a winch on my '15 with no battery issues for the last 2 years.
Don't run the winch with the engine not running, watch your voltage drops, give recovery time when needed, should be fine.
I have the same winch on my 2015. Like was said for recovery definietly engine running. I have cleaned and reset my rope without the engine running and it was fine. I am presently installing a genesis dual battery kit with two pc1500 odyssey batteries for overlanding. If you are concerned then the Genesis will relieve any concern. Just for a winch though it’s overkill...
I've heard both that you do and that you don't have to upgrade. Given the number of winches out there, I'm betting the average user has no need for a battery upgrade.
I've had my Zeon 10 for about 2 years and use it on average several times a month.. No issues with my stock battery, or the AGM battery I've replaced it with.. Just always have the engine running when you use the winch..
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I would recommend upgrading to an AGM battery vs. the stock lead-acid style. My stock battery didn't last long due to vibrations and bouncing on the trail destroying it, plates fell apart inside.

I went with a larger capacity Duralast Platinum with more cold cranking amps than the stock and have been happy with it for winching and air compressor use and when parked in camp for running the radio and lights.