Can anyone here identify this thing

Guy in a Facebook group I’m in posted up this question and so far no answers. It doesn’t look like any CJ-5 I’ve ever seen before. 2D3CBF2E-667D-469A-B50F-1C8D30FB512E.jpeg E4C86C59-38A2-44B9-9FA4-E404BCEF8019.jpeg 0C22FD43-8695-4756-B007-C141178BB572.jpeg F2E93D7A-4911-411C-AB0D-B9ECCA3674DB.jpeg
I have never seen a CJ5 with door openings like that, they have always had a radius to my knowledge. The rest of the body has some resembling of a 5.
Idk, no one seems to know what it is or how it ended up that way. If someone cut the tub they did a very good job of making it look like a production piece. I’m wondering if it’s an early aftermarket replacement tub.