cb radio help

How is everyone grounding and setting up their cb radios? I can not figure out how to properly ground my antenna. I am running a firestik fire flex cable, firestik2 antenna, poison spider mount attached to my spare tire delete, hd stainless steel antenna spring and a cobra 75 wxst cb radio. My readings are crazy on my swr meter when trying to calibrate my radio.
I ran a #10 wire from the antennae mount base at the top of my tire carrier down the the pivot point and under the body to the frame. Tied it to the wiring I ran to the license plate/center brake light kit in the spare tire. Mounted the CB under the glovebox with the connector hanging down and a bracket on the grab bar to hold it. I have the same antennae and CB and it works pretty good.
Run a 8 gauge wire from the base of the ant and run it down to the frame of the jeep ground it there. Also not a bad idea to get a 4 gauge ground make it go from the neg on battery to the frame near the battery make sure u scrape off the paint under were the ground is going to be attached.

Once u get the grounds fixed then u have to tune the Ant.

When u have high reading it will mess with your jeeps bcm and ecu so when u key the mic it will light up all ur check engine lights on the dash. Its best to not have ur jeep running when tunning the ant.