Diesel option now available for JL Wrangler?


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Our friends over at JLWranglerForums.com posted this recently (yep, I am blatantly copying their awesome info)...


100% Confirmed - "26" order code = 2019 JL 3.0L V6 CRD (diesel) with ESS + 8HP75 8-speed automatic transmission! No ETA on release date.

Now about that mysterious code "22" ... Could it be a 6-speed manual CRD? (We have thus far been unable to confirm). It may be wishful thinking but we have our fingers crossed. One thing is for sure - it is unlikely to be a special edition model since it would not be on all 3 trim levels.


Current ordering status of various trims as of 9/18/18.


  • Green is wide open ordering, maximum availability for plant production capacity for the allocation period.
  • Yellow means order banks are filling up and will soon reach maximum (Red) and close
  • Red means capacity has been reached and orders are closed until the following month when order banks re-open (typically the 2nd Thursday of each month, give or take a day or two).
  • October banks open on the 10th
  • November banks open on the 9th

JLJL72 - Wrangler Sport
JLJS72 - Wrangler Rubicon
JLJL74 - Wrangler Unlimited Sport
JLJP74 - Wrangler Unlimited Sahara
JLJS74 - Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon

22B - TBD
23B - Sport, 3.6L with 6-speed manual
24B - Sport, 3.6L with 8-speed auto
25B - Sport, 3.6L BSG (Belt Start Generator)
26B - Sport, 3.0L with 8-speed auto (confirmed)
28B - Sport, 2.0L with 8-speed auto

22S - TBD
23S - Sport S, 3.6L with 6-speed manual
24S - Sport S, 3.6L with 8-speed auto
25S - Sport S, 3.6L BSG (Belt Start Generator)
28S - Sport S, 2.0L with 8-speed auto

22G - TBD
23G - Sahara, 3.6L with 6-speed manual
24G - Sahara, 3.6L with 8-speed auto
24M - Sahara Moab, 3.6L with 8-speed auto
25G - Sahara - 3.6L BSG (Belt Start Generator)
26G - Sahara, 3.0L with 8-speed auto (confirmed)
28G - Sahara, 2.0L with 8-speed auto

22R - TBD
23R - Rubicon, 3.6L with 6-speed manual
24R - Rubicon, 3.6L with 8-speed auto
25R - Rubicon - 3.6L BSG (Belt Start Generator)
26R - Rubicon, 3.0L with 8-speed auto (confirmed)
28R - Rubicon, 2.0L with 8-speed auto


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Ohhhh man. Now that is an upgrade. I hope the specs look good and they don’t throw out a turd diesel.

Any ideas on who will make the diesel? Cummins?