DJ - Willys


Weekend Wheeler
I have a ‘53 Distributor Jeep. Not a whole lot of info out there on these and was curious to see if anyone may have some good resources.

The Jeep still has the GoDevil motor in place, not running. I have all parts and pieces but not even sure where to start.

A little background on why I’m holding on to this Jeep, my grandfather bought it in ‘66, used it as his hunting rig, taught my mom to drive in it. It got parked in the mid 90’s and hasn’t been run since then. He let me have it before passing away and I had planned on at least getting it running and giving it to my
Mom. She ended up passing away 2 years ago.

I really want to get this thing back to working order if for nothing more than sentimental value.


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Sounds like a cool machine. I am not sure I have ever seen one of those rigs. Maybe Cloaked Willys will pop in and give you some info.