Dozer 2012 JK build plan

I've added the MC SportGate on the rear, with the hi-lift jack and Motobilt license plate relo. Really like how solid it is now, and not seeing the tire bounce a little. Found out my jack rattles quite a bit and I have a little rubbing on the bumper d-ring. Need to get some wrench time between the holidays to address those.

Working on the next phase of the build. Carbon D44/D60, 4.56 gearing and eLockers. Adams driveshaft. Still deciding on which steering kit to go with. Probably not MC for that. Also trying to find new 18" wheels with 4.5" or less backspacing, and will need to pull trigger on those before axles go in. Hopefully RockHard cage to protect my melon.

Any one have tips/tricks when installing Carbon/Currie RockJocks and MC gamechanger with 6paks?