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I have a 1990 YJ I picked up cheap because the engine was leaking oil. Looking at pics of other YJ's it doesn't appear to have the same engine set up. It is a 4cyl but I think it might have come from a Cherokee or something. Where can I find the engine block number or any other way to determine exactly what engine it is?
I have a 2.5L out of an '88 sitting on a stand out in the garage, if I get the chance today I'll check it for the # location, but in the meantime post a pic of your engine bay, and a little more detail on what/why you think it might be different, and I'll compare to my '88 which has the complete drivetrain/chassis from a '89

ETA; according to my Chilton manual the engine # is located on a pad located just below the head between the #3 and 4 cylinders

should read as the first digit is the year, so yours should be a 0 for '90
second and third digits are the month (01-12)
next should be an "E" for the 2.5L in a '90

hope that helps
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