Gentlemen, honest opinion on rear time to research.

I had some carnage two weeks ago including a bent tie rod. Just got the MC replacement after 9 days with install yesterday. While on the rack yesterday, shop tech found I had a bent passenger-side axle also. I have a JJUSA event next Thurs, so the fix is time sensitive with money down, etc. The only replacements the shop can get in time are ALLOY USA 4340 CHROMOLY. I made the decision to go with these and they are on order for tomorrow arrival. Dye is cast. I know zero about the axles and usually am anal about parts. Am I good or not?
You are fine.. Virtyally any Chromo shaft will be better than the stock shafts.. I pretty much did the same thing when i snapped a stock shaft, although I dont remember the exact brand I went with.
Hopefully the housing is not bent, and it was only the shaft ?
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Those shafts are fine. Most chromoly will perform the same on the factory housings. Carbon makes a great axle....they are Currie’s after all!😉
Alloy U.S.A. is fine. I know a few people running them with no issues so far. I have a few friends running Ten Factory and that is what I was going to go with when the need arises but it sounds like I need to check out Carbons...