Getting things started.

So I'm posting this thread to get things started.
My TJ is cloaked with a 3.5" ARB short arm suspension, with double adjustable upper control arms.
I have a MC rear bumper and tire carrier, and a MC front bumper too.

What does your TJ cloak with?


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No "cloaking" on this one yet but have owned it less than 6 months. Sometime down the road my son wants some flat flares for it.

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My 05 LJR has Cloak overlines, front/rear track bars, single adjustable lowers f/r and double adjustable uppers f/r.

Nice rig!
You know I thought about ordering the double adjustable upper arms myself. Are you happy with their stability? As far as not becoming loose or self adjusting themselves.
I went from these 4" Currie springs I've had in since 2009 and were practically turning to dust.

To some fresh 3.5" metalcloak springs.

I'm impressed with the ride and my rig is definitely more level.


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Looks dang nice! Curries looked like salt was getting to them for sure. Kinda funny, the 4" curries are shorter than the 3.5 MC....maybe it's from sag

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Totally different design look at the spacing. The Top 5-6 winds of the MC dual rate coils stack up at ride height. Looks like the Curries are linear?

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