Headlight decisions

I am looking to upgrade my stock headlights. Everything I have read says that the JW Speakers 8700 Evo 2’s are amazing but they are so expensive! I would love to hear what others have switched to and how the long term experience was. It is great to hear that a light was really bright but where there issues that crept up later or early failures? Also all the reviews I found where for JKUs. Would like to hear from TJ owners what they think is best. Thanks for your input!
I put some new LED headlights in my TJ earlier this year.
I will do a write-up on the install and short term use for the ModernJeeper.com site.
I will have to look at the box to see who made them.

Look for that soon.



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Holy cow those are inexpensive! Have you had them long? Fo that price you can have them fail about 10 times before you are equal to the JW speakers!
I e had them for about 2 months. The first night I took them for a drive, I was blinding everyone coming towards me. They had to be adjusted quite a bit down. But they light up really bright compared to the stock halogen. Friend of mine put them in his JK and loves them. Especially for the price
Beware of cheaper alternatives, I get blinded every morning. It's frustrating driving to work every morning when I have to pass a colorado that changed out bulbs but didn't bother to replace the housing with one appropriate to the bulb selection.


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Holy cow those are inexpensive! Have you had them long? Fo that price you can have them fail about 10 times before you are equal to the JW speakers!
X2 on the <$100 on Amazon lights. Have had them for 8 months and live them. They definitely need to be adjusted. I did have one light go out after a month that was repaired without charge by my 4x4 shop — per the shop, the relay switch in the Chinese-made lights often needs to be changed, and after that, the will last a long time.
I've also been looking at this. Those <$100 lights are intriguing. I don't drive a lot at night, but when I do, lights that work would be great. hahaa
I have had the Amazon cheapies for about 6months and love them. I work the night shift and they are a huge improvement over the stock candles. If you go with Amazon, be sure to find ones with a lot of positive reviews. I could have bought slightly cheaper ones but I didn't trust the few reviews
I bought and used a pair of nilight front headlights off of amazon. I used them for about 4 weeks. They were super bright and very good, comparable to the JW speaker as far as looks go. But i took them off because it wasn't the look i'm into. So now they're sitting in my house, no takers when i tried to offload them on facebook. I prepped them really nice too, with shrink tube.
I have had those LX Light headlights and fogs over a year. They have been great. Much brighter and no flicker issues.

Also, anytime you change headlights be sure to adjust the beam. It is very easy with the screw next to the headlight.
Running JW speaker knockoffs from Xsprite for about a year. Light is good, but the lense has started to haze over. Considering I paid $250 for them, I’m not happy.
I can’t believe any lights are worth that kind of money. I’m ordering the Trucklites from Rigid. Half the price and just as good of ratings. Check out the YouTube comparisons.
Yeah some headlights can get pretty expensive. I bought HID projectors @ $500 but in the 3 years I have had them I have never had a single issue with them. In my opinion it is worth the cost for piece of mind knowing I bought an American made product that will work for me every time I need it. High temp deserts to freezing cold with wind snow and/or rain, as well as long hours of operation while driving through the night. They have performed flawlessly and since my Jeep is also my DD with my family, their safety is my top concern.

If I were putting them in a trail only rig then yeah I probably might opt for a less expensive option. I've heard good things about Rigid Trucklites or even the Quadratec knockoffs, though I don't think I know anyone locally that has them.
Does anyone have experience with the 7 Inch Cree LED Headlights with White Halo Ring Angel Eyes+Amber Turn Signal Halo For Jeep Wrangler JK TJ CJ on amazon? They are sold by the same company as the ones above but have daytime running halo that also is a turn signal for 99$.