Headlight decisions

A buddy went with some knockoffs and had issues with connectors and losing function of lights at times. If you’re willing, that’s the risk you have to take
Rob from Quake LED found my article and reached out to me about the light with the LED that was out.
They are shipping me a new light under warranty.
I will update the article after the new light arrives.

I picked up the KC HiLights 7" H4 Halogens as an easy swap in option but I haven't had the chance to install them yet.
Had those in my old TJ with their slimlite fogs and long range lights on the windshield. The headlights themselves were a a major improvement. Decided to go the LED route this time and have a cheap pair of halogens on the bumper for really cold and snowy months.
I got the light last week in the mail from Quake.
I installed it today, and it has no issues.
I will test it out at night this weekend to see if I notice a difference with this new one compared to the one that had an LED out.

It was nice that they reached out to me and replaced this light with no questions asked.


So I ended up buying the KC Hilites Gravity Pro from Headlight Revolution during their Black Friday sale. Great price but they ended up back ordered. I received them yesterday and got them installed. The good news is they look amazing and the are incredibly bright. The install was very straight forward EXCEPT for one thing.

Once the headlights were in and I was replacing the headlamp bezel I noticed that the headlight extends well past the oem light. This meant that to re-install the 3 screws in the headlamp bezel I had to use needle nose pliers to hold the screw in place and turn the screw with the pliers. Needless to say this took a long time. Once the screws were in “far enough” I found a hex key that would fit the screw (star head screw) and cut it down as short as possible. Using this I was able to tighten the screws down appropriately. And yes this was a redneck way to do it but it was what I had available. Long explanation but you should be aware of it.

I have now adjusted the headlights and they are better than I hoped for. The cutoff on low beam is incredibly sharp. Both the high and low beams put out a ton of light. I have driven them at night and again this morning. For the morning drive it was 10am and lightly overcast where most but not all drivers had their headlights on. With my light on low I was still seeing light on trees and street signs. I never would have even been able to tell if my oem lights where on.

Driving at night with the high beams, on a completely dark road it was like having a really powerful light bar on the Jeep. I could see a great distance but also had excellent light on the road and into the ditches (think deer jumping in front of you).

I am extremely happy with the purchase: price, customer service, quality of product and performance. The only hiccup was the last 3 screws on an otherwise very easy install. I included a couple of pictures for what they are worth. Photos of lights just don’t do them justice. The two of my lit garage are low beam and high beam from 25’. The top of the work bench is where the low beam cut off is.