Hello From Moab

Hello all,

My name is Heidi but I go by Jeeptinkerbelle because that's what I am! I live in Moab and am co-owner of Outlaw Jeep Adventures! We love what we do here. I will be blogging about lots of things in the coming months. A big topic will be the Rebelle Rally! I will also be doing a women's view and review on different products and processes I have dealt with as a short petite female jeeper. I look forward to learning about our fellow jeepers on this forum!



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What’s up Tinkerbell! Glad you are here and can’t wait to read some of your write ups. I can only imagine trying to get into a lifted jeep on 40’s...and be under 5’5”.

So what is this Rebelle Rally you speak of?

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Welcome to the Modern Jeeper. My daughter is 5 ft. 3 and wants a Wrangler. I shall pass on any info you teach me.