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Our shop and some of the companies we work with are going to take the time to give back to the people who serve our country and make some pretty big life sacrifices. If you have never heard of Travis Mills, he is a veteran who grew up about 20 miles from us in Vassar Michigan. He did many tours overseas and in his last tour, he set his backpack down on a IED. He is a quadrupal amputee. If you want to learn more about his story, search Travis Mills on netflix and watch his story. He has a camp in Maine for outher vetrans who are amputees and does a lot of good for the community.

We are honored to build a Jeep to benefit his foundation! But we want to do more! We are asking you to help us with a very small donation that we will match 100% to give to his foundation on January 15th.
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Watch our video for more details.