idrive Throttle Controller

Any members have experience with the idrive ? Specifically, when in ECO (economy) mode and used for reduced response when crawling, will the unit automatically switch to normal or ultimate mode past a certain pedal depression point? For example, if in Eco and crawling but you need some quick speed for a muddy hill ahead, will the throttle go to quick response past, say, a 25-35% depress?
Any other good or bad experiences appreciated.
I couldn't get feedback from my forums, so yesterday made the leap-of-faith. I'm copying my post to Scorpion Off Road Concepts facebook. Purchased and installed for $252 out the door. This thing really is "too good to be true", except it isn't. Very highly recommend. There is a setting for manual trans. I've tried unit in auto mode while using manual shifts of the auto trans and assure you you'll grin first time you leave the garage.

"Left SORC with my latest mod this morning. Downer not having Frankie behind the counter, though
Upper is the on-road test of the new idrive throttle control module. Auto trans downshifts MUCH quicker with throttle pressure, holds rpm increase higher til next up shift, and feels like 60+ more hp. Black magic since nothing has changed except throttle response. And this is the performance side. Real test will be off-road where this thing allows you to GREATLY decrease throttle response when this is an advantage while bouncing.
On-road grin-factor divided by dollars-spent about the highest of anything I've done."
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Is it still working out ?
Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to run an off-road test yet. The on-road performance is so dramatic I'd easily pay twice or triple the cost. Makes no sense to me how this gadget boosts performance, but the Jeep is like totally different. Frankly, I still can't believe it.