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What do you guys keep in your Jeep at all time as must have items for fun?

I have a family, so my Jeep is equipped slightly different and at the risk of people making fun of it, here is my list of items that are stocked:

- 10 or so hair ties for my wife and daughter (saves me from waiting for them to get the stuff)
- Sunscreen for when it is hot
- Warn Recovery Bag
- Dewalt Tool Set
- LED Flashlight
- Spare phone charger
- 2 Baseball caps for sun
- 4 pair of sunglasses


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Wow, I keep a lot of crap in my Jeep.

Extra jackets (4)
GoreTex jacket
Small bath towels (2)
Visors (4)
Ball cap
Hair ties
Sunglasses (4)
MTB stuff- pump, tubes, Allen key, derailleur hanger, deodorant spray, ground cloth, chain lube
Koozies (4)
$20 cash
Flash light (2)
Farm jack
Jumper cables
Tire gauge
Bungee cords
Zip ties
Tool set
First aid kit
Freedom top bag or window bag depending on top installed

Added when I go wheeling
Tire deflator
Tire air pump
Extra tools
Spare parts
Rain pants
Recovery rope
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I'm sure there's stuff I'll forget.....

Tool set (enough to take the whole thing apart)
Spare radiator hose and serp belt
other assorted small spares
Bottle jack

Recovery bag with strap, D rings, gloves etc
Air down and up stuff

Emergency rain gear
Emergency blanket
Bug spray
Bug bite spray
First Aid kit
Mosquito Net (for boonie hat)
Two coozies
Five face mask / dust screen things (pull over baklava style)
and an "emergency" bottle of Crown Royal (it's just the small airplane bottle)


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So lets keep this going. One thing I think we should all have is a great set of ratcheting wrenches. Milwaukee has a new set out that has what they call "Max Grip". This basically gives more grip to a nut or bolt and can product 25% more torque than a typical smoothed faced wrench. I can't wait for mine to show up. Never had a ratcheting set of my own.. My arms are already appreciating the investment. I believe that Workshop Addicts has a review coming for these that will be give you all a better insight to what the wrenches have to offer.

Ratchet Wrenches.jpg


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Ratchet set, jack, picklefork, dead blow hammer, tire iron, d-handle shovel, tow straps and some beers for later


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I was reading an article from the esteemed Nena Barlow about bringing chains. Think I may add them to my kit.

I’m loving the MyMedic MyFAK first aid kit on the headrest

Sams club has small camping chairs that fit in a bag about the size of my forearm....frees up space in a 2 door.

Duct tape, zip ties, knife, hammer, ratchet straps, and more tools.

American Heart Association First Aid training with AED and pediatric. The online course is awesome.

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