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Looking to install a ford 8.8 lsd and lp d30 4.10 gears along with a metalcloak 3.5" lift kit and teraflex sye in a few weeks. was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to make life easier or anything else i should do while im under there. also what kind of differential oil do you suggest using i have heard 75-90 and 75-140.
There are a few things to be aware of with your build.

1. Front end should be pretty straightforward and a direct swap for what you have.
2. Depending on the rear bracket kit you use it may cause issues. There are some that correct for pinion angle with the 8.8 but this actually makes things worse. The lift kits were all built around stock mounting and you need to be as close to that as possible.
3. Look up what the axles call for from the vehicle they came out of. The rear may require friction modifier also.
I swapped in a Currie F9(Ford 9 inch) a couple of years ago.
It was built to the standard brackets and was a direct bolt in application.
I had Currie build it with the Detroit locker, and 35 spline axle shafts.
They put the big bearing kits in the ends and ford disk brakes on it.

I have been extremely happy with this rear end.

For gear oil, I run Amsoil 90 weight gear oil.
Never had a problem with my differentials with this oil.



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Like this guys set up![emoji1318][emoji1318] F9’s are pure beast and have tons of clearance.

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