Keep Good Tires on the Rear


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Only two things will kill you, really -- tires and brakes. Keep both of them in proper and cared for condition. Did you know...

ROTATE your tires, and yes, even your off-road rig tires. Rotating tires extends tire life, ensures a better footprint all around, and forces you to check your tires more often!

Keep them properly aired up and check them frequently.

One last tip: remember the old days when we used to buy two tires at a time, rather than 4, to spread out the cost? Well, if you do that today, or if you run mis-matched tread wear tires, PUT THE GOOD TIRES IN THE REAR!

Yes, the rear tires, even with front-wheel drive rigs, is where you need the stability of good tires -- your best tread goes in the back. Your chances of spinning out of control in wet conditions is hugely reduced with your good tires in the rear. They will stabilize you as you push through a puddle or wet surface, even if your front tires want to lose traction. (This info comes right from a tire manufacturer).

So the bottom line; make sure you are in the habit of checking and rotating your tires. Keep the proper air pressure for the conditions; and don't be lazy about safety.


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In the midst of rotating mine. Checking breaks and dealing with seized slider pins.

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