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Anyone have experience with Metalcloak Lifts. Not too many suppliers makes me wonder about their kits. Have a local shop recommending it but I personal have no experience with them. What I see looks really nice.
Anyone have experience with Metalcloak Lifts. Not too many suppliers makes me wonder about their kits. Have a local shop recommending it but I personal have no experience with them. What I see looks really nice.
I've been looking at and comparing lift kits for 3 years. For the kind of wheeling I do AND that my Jeep is also my daily driver I keep coming back to Metal Cloak and AEV. Now that I am actually in need of replacing my OE suspension and steering Metal Cloak looks to be the way I want to go because their Dual Rate lift comes with more of what I have to replace and is a stepping stone to their Game Changer.

In terms of the quality of their products & customer service there are so many satisfied customers out there, including in the clubs I wheel with. I also have their rock sliders for my JKU. The install was easy, they have performed flawlessly for 3 years, and they still look great.


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Anyone have experience with Metalcloak Lifts. Not too many suppliers makes me wonder about their kits. Have a local shop recommending it but I personal have no experience with them. What I see looks really nice.
I installed the 3.5” game changer with Rock Sports. I previously ran stock suspension with 37’s. The MC lift performs much much better than stock. It does a great job articulating, but also absorbing feedback from the road. This has made my Jeep ride extremely well, better than it did off the dealers lot. The biggest thing that drew me to MC was the fact that they use zinc when coating their products. Being a corrosion specialist, this was extremely appealing. I figured if they the had enough sense to use a sacrificial coating, then all of their other parts, had to be top notch and over engineered. Their customer service is the best in the business. I can call there at any time and speak to the same person and get real world answers. Not just some guy reading a response off a script. Install of their products are very easy. They have great written and video style instructions.

Is there anything in particular you want to know about the lifts and other products?
While I haven’t bought a complete kit from MetalCloak, I have bought many components of theirs. I started with rear control arms when I kept bending the lower OE rears. I’ve moved on to buying more parts as the OE stuff wears out like front control arms, front and rear bump stop kits, evap canister relocation kit, and a steering stabilizer bracket.

I did bend a control arm end in the rear once. They sent me a new one for free as long as I sent the bent one back to them for research.
I have heard lots of good stuff about their products. I have been looking at their lifts for a while. I will be putting one on my 07 JKU. I have never heard anyone talk bad about their lifts or wish they bought something else.


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i'm in quebec canada and let me tell you that most lift kits dont last long because the calcium gets in the bushings or joints and such and they all crack or skweek or w/e real fast... Metalcloak and theyr Duroflex joints are awsome, Never heard anyone with problems using those.. The dual rate coils seem to be able to take a beating on the trail while giving you a comfy and stable ride on the road.. The coating of all the components is also very good and will last you a long time comparing to ohter big brands.. If it weren't for my Canadian "Handicap" .. My jeep would be fully cloaked out.


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I also heard that Metalcloak dont have a huge production line so they stay with smaller business's to sell theyr product, Quality Before quantity .
I've heard nothing but good things about MC products, including from some parts suppliers in my area. I don't often see them in action around here, though, because most folks rush out and buy the cheapest Chinese-made junk they can find.
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One thing I will say is that Metalcloak has awesome customer service. I had a couple issues with some of their products that the installer messed up on (not Metalcloaks fault). I sent them an email and they sent me out some replacement parts at no charge on two different occasions. Great Company!


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Great company and great kits. X2 on the ride quality, it definitely rode better than stock after the install. The rocksports work very well with the lift as well.
So I had a Zone 4" lift on my 02 TJ that really wasn't too bad at first other than ride was a little harsh. All of my jeeps have been a #3 vehicle so not driven daily. All urethane bushings were shot in the Zone arms in less than 3k miles. upgraded arms to Rubicon Express and all worked. Next jeep, 98 TJ did OME springs and Fox 2.0 shocks. It was very unstable on road, to the point my wife hated driving it. Current 2011 JK 2 door has True Dual Rate 3.5" Metal Cloak lift with Rocksport shocks running BFG MT 37's (really 35.5 ish) and it rides and drives better than it did stock. My only complaint is that the rear has settled a little and is lower than the front with spare and hard top on. I just got rear spring correction brackets from MC (wish I had done with lift) that I think will corrct
Before I got my Jeep, I always thought AEV would be the way I'd go. But after researching further, MetalCloak and Teraflex look to be better options. This may be the newb in me, but it seems that latter two companies give you more for your $ as in there is more to their packages, more components. But I still don't know which way to go


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After researching for about 3 years and finally pulling the trigger, Metalcloak is the way to go in my opinion. Over that time span, I would go and look for negative reviews or at least some bad feedback, never could find it from a reputable source.


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I will say one thing, it is very impressive to see the CTI (corner travel index) ratings of various suspensions out there. Metalcloak gives you the best articulation you can hope for!
I’m running an AEV Dualsport 2.5 lift and am very happy with it. That being said, I would’ve bought the Metalcloak lift if I could’ve afforded the jump in price. Even though it is more expensive I totally think it’s worth it. The AEV kit isn’t as complete as they would have you think. I still had to buy new sway bar links because I didn’t want to use the included extension brackets. I also got some teraflex brake line anchors for the front instead of using the included zip ties.

I’m happy with the ride and performance of the AEV kit after adding control arms to correct caster in front and driveshaft angles in the rear. If I win the $5,000 giveaway, I’ll be more than happy to pull off all the AEV parts to install a Gamechanger lift. Like I said, I would’ve bought the metal cloak lift in the first place if I could’ve afforded it. It’s definitely the most complete lift with the best components of anything available.

Make sure you also have money for a front driveshaft. Even at only 2.5 inches of lift, I was making hard contact on the exhaust crossover pipe at full droop. A new shaft was absolutely necessary. Exhaust spacers are only a band aid fix. Because of front driveshaft angles, you will still destroy the rzeppa joint boots after just a few hundred miles.
I've enjoyed my Metalcloak ARB Dual Sport 2.5" lift on my JKU. The lift has been great and it's gotten me through a lot of trails that as a newb I wasn't sure I'd make it with open diffs. However, I did take advantage of the Black Friday sale and upgraded to 3.5" springs and a set of rear control arms / rear track bar. I'm waiting to install likely early next year when I plan to upgrade to new axles.
I love my Game Changer 3.5 fox edition! Got to hit the CTI trailer and even got some pointers from the guys at the booth to increase my score about 50 points from the 760 I received. Beating my rock krawler buddy was an added bonus!