Long overdue DCRCPC build


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Long story short. Ordered the Jeep new in 2012. JKU Sahara pretty much loaded minus leather. DCRCPC = Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl Coat. Here in AL it's also known as Crimson.

I added some of the usual accessories over the years but got sidetracked and a depleted wallet when I got my son a 2004 TJ Rubicon.

Now it's my turn again! Let's get this thing Cloaked.

Waiting on box 5 of 5 to show up.
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Love the amount of time you guys spend with your trucks and skill you have.
We brits simply park 'em and drive 'em :D


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Update. Jeep started at the following heights at the pinch seams.

Front - 18 1/4"
Rear - 19 1/8"

After the lift

Front - 22 1/4"
Rear - 22 1/2"



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Getting closer to finishing and being ready for some off road action.

I got the brake lines in place on Friday

Then lengthened and rerouted the axle vent hoses. 10' of 5/16 fuel line some clamps and a bit of time is all it took.

Front has the same bottom location but with longer hose and brought the top up by the firewall. Reused all the factory clamps.

The back was a little trickier. Move down the first OEM clamp to the middle of the frame cross member, ran it across the frame the up behind the fender flare liner and into the taillight cavity. Zip tied in place up there.

Also added a spiral clamp to the axle barb fitting to keep the hose from pulling off.