Looking for roof rack on my JKU hardtop

Trying to find a decent roof rook for my 2016 JKU hardtop. Not wanting any bars connecting to front window or panels. Just something that mounts to roof itself. It will be used for kayak, storage, etc.
Any suggestions is appreciated.
PS: I don’t mind drilling the roof either.
Thanx in advance


If you want heavy duty, the AEV and Rhino Rack seem to be pretty popular right now as they stated above. The Teraflex roof rack seems a bit more subdued if you don't want it to stand out as much. Maybe more OEM looking and slightly cheaper price point. So another option to consider.
I have the AEV Rhino. It’s basically a rhino platform with AEV specs. The rhino backbone is another great option.

The Major difference is load capacity due to mounting points. The AEV is mounted through the roof straight to your roll cage. This gives you max load and tent capacity as shown in autoedit. Downside, you must be carful when taking the top off. The process can take double the time of a non roll bar mounted rack.

The backbone is braced through the top and to a frame you install inside the top, beside the window. This adds support, but not as much as mounting to the roll bar like the AEV. The plus side is, taking your top off is as easy as the factory intended.

Also, the AEV sits a couple inches higher than the other similar Rhino options. There is also a Maximus version that is a smaller platform, lower to the Jeep than the aev, but mounts to the roll at like the aev.

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