Maverick build


Jeep Newb
Good day Jeepers just thought I would start a fun little build project something Jeepers can enjoy and something I and the family can look back on. (see where all the money went). This is my Rig I built it the way I wanted it, the way it suits me. Inputs are more than welcome and ideas are great as well. also I am not a rich man in money, but extremely rich in Family. I have been married for almost 9 good and rough years to my best friend and love of me life. Yes she is a pain in my ass but she is mine and I wouldn't change that. When we meet she had a son and I had a daughter neither of us from a previous marriage just kind of an oops thing. (sounds kind of mean; not attended, they are both a blessing.) her sons father was not in the Pic so I adopted my son when he was only a few years old. My daughter lives with her mom because well lets face it I live in Cali and well weather I can give her a better life or not I am a man and......... lets just not go there. though I see her every other weekend and half of the summer and attend her school functions. Though she lives 3 hours away, I'm her dad and I will always be there no matter how far she is. Anyways my wife and I had 2 more children together and are a family of six. :D. Ok that is a little about me so lets get to the build.

This is Maverick my 2009 Jeep Wrangler X. (Yes an "X" later you will understand why) My wife was actually the reason I bought this particular Jeep. online I didn't like the color (Sunburst Orange) and didn't want to even go look at it even if the price was great. Long story short - wife forced me to go look at it and it was love at first sight! the same feeling I had when I meet my wife, done deal. hear it is stock!


Not knowing where to start, I decided "50" light Bar" cuz that's the thing to do right? (I know your thinking oh hell I'm out...but wait there's more) ( I know gears and lockers should have been first I'm a little slow ok) stay with me this is my first Jeep build and more mistakes on the way. I went with Rigid brackets but decided on a no name LED light bar. couldn't see spending over $1000 bucks for something a could get for a couple hundred. nothing against Rigid though they have great products.

for some reason I had a hard time finding my light bar pics so here is a pic with the light bar and lift. (nice wheels those steps they would be destroyed later Baha what a Newb)

next is the lift and fenders trimmed........But I must go, JBW is this weekend and I have to get ready.