Milestar Patagonia MT


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I am thinking of getting the new Milestar Patagonia mt tires. They look amazing and I have seen light brite wheel the hell out of them, and they do great on the rocks. I have also see reviews of how quiet they are. My only concern is snow and ice, since I live inTruckee. They look like the siping is good. I have bfgoodrich ko2’s now but I think I want something more aggressive on the rocks. I do wheels a lot in most of the year. The ko2’s are okay on icy snow packed roads. Better then the km2 ‘s that came stock on the Jeep. Has anyone driven these on packed snow ice roads?


I’m leaning on getting these. Cheaper and handle well on/off road. Unfortunately I’m in southern AZ so I can’t comment on snow or ice


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I will let you know come January for me. Matson may be able to chime in on this. I think they ran them earlier on in 2018.