My stable

Both the TJ and CJ are very capable rigs off road (the JK in the one pic is a friend of mine). The '74 CJ5 was rebuilt by me, I had every bolt off and rebuilt/rewired/painted it all from the ground up. Took me about 6 years to get it back on the road again in 2012. Since then my biggest mod was fuel injection on the 'ol AMC 360 just last year. I usually wheel the CJ on trails that are closer to home while the TJ goes to everything else.

Most of my Jeep funds go toward the TJ these days, but my CJ is still very close to my heart.

I have two cj s 7 and 8 . With the 7 I did the same and am in the middle of the 8. They both have been special projects. Great looking 5 you have. Especially with a bit of dirt on it!