New article on ModernJeeper about Overlanding


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Not sure who’s rig that is, but damn it’s sexy. Anyone overland in East Tennessee? Wouldn’t mind doing one of those trips.
It is a little hard to overland in a TJ in the true sense of the word of overlanding.
It can be done with a trailer to allow you to carry more gear for longer time periods off the grid.

I did get beat up a little bit on the article on Facebook, but it was bound to be someone.



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I’ll agree it’s definitely hard to pack all the stuff you need I would guess for more than a couple days. Living like a minimalist is definitely what has to be done without a trailer.
Good organization is key. I don’t have a trailer and just living out of the TJ, finding tools that can do multiple things or just not bringing that extra thing because “you might need it” becomes big decisions
It would be pretty awesome to take an overland trip with the family. Always have backwoods called and canoed but never done a trip like that in the Jeep.
There are a several overlanders, venture4wd is a little more enclosed and contained. Iamjake is awesome, but he's more out in the open, exposed to the elements. Just goes to show you how you can go out overlanding however you feel most comfortable.