New Spy Shots... real or clever marketing...


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Just posted over at the infamous other forum got it's hands on these grainy photos...

So, what do you think... real or cleaver photoshop jobs reminiscent of the old doctored flying saucer photos...




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I can say with assurance that the grill and windshield are 100 percent JL. That hood is a special edition along with the rear bumper. At least at this time.

So many of the companies in Michigan are doing the tooling for this Jeep, real photos are easy to find. Post one and the guy who took it will loose his job.

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I would agree with Brian. Grill and windshield are it. It appears that the lights in the flares are in the pic as well.

If I remember right a few of the Easter Jeep safari rigs have the JL grill on them.

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I do not know why, but there was some issue with trying to get a robot to paint all around the roll bar. From what I have seen, it looks the same.