Picking a Top


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The wife and I are getting ready to get a new top for the rig. We are contemplating going back to a hard top. But with the Trektop NX Pro on the market we may go that way. Personally I am intrigued by the Glide. What are yalls thoughts. What would you get? Any down side to the NX Pro?

Help a redneck out.

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I have the off-road heroes slant back top and love it. Personally, it is hand made, takes about 4 weeks to get it, and I’m happy with it. Similar to the design you are looking for
Offroad heroes rock and the quality is amazing. service has improved a lot plus support a true hobbist supporting our sport with a killer wlel made product.


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I need to check out the Offroad Hero's stuff. I am 99% sold on the Trektop NX Pro basically because of the rear glass.

That multi-top is mighty sexy though.
I got the Rampage Trail Trailview for my wife’s 2014 Rubicon and we have been pleased with it. It is a very tight fit but the ease of flipping the top back along with the built in storage compartment was great. Bought it during Amazon Prime days for $500. Hard to beat at that price.


Running a hard top. I would love to get a soft top, but SO many choices. My kids want the top off all of the time... tough decisions. This is probably the right time of year to find them on sale, though.