Power Brakes

I recently completed an extensive build on my 2014 JKU Sahara. One of the upgrades was a set of Power Brakes. A couple of days after I completed the build I drove to Moab UT to be a part of the first Modern Jeepers Adventure group. My rig performed flawlessly. I drove the 850 miles home the next day with no issues. However, the following day I made a short drive to a local Walgreens and when I got ready to leave I could only back up a few feet before the front wheel locked down. It seems that one of the front wheel calipers had the top bolt work loose and come completely out so the caliper rocked back and wedges against the rim to lock it down. Just an FYI for all you Modern Jeepers. I tightened everything to specs but did not use Loc-Tite. Lesson learned after some hard wheeling check for the smallest of things to be loose from the strain of the trails. Y’all learn from my mistake and be safe!!!
See y’all on the trails.