Quarter Glass Seals?

Now that I've owned my 98 hardtop TJ for almost 2yrs, I think I've addressed /replaced almost all leaky locations.

- windshield cowl seal
- added cowl heater air snorkel (found on newer TJs)
- siliconed entire Heater/AC foam to firewall
- bent the body tub lips up where doors meet
- replaced hard top seals

Last thing to replace are the actual quarter glass window seals. After a recent gas station car wash, I witnessed bubbles forming on the inside of the windows lower edge where the main seal meets at the bottom. (Center of the glass)

Has anyone done this and have any install tips?

I found hand washing keeps the water out- lol. I can’t take mine through anything but touchless and when I do, I have to pull the mats to let the carpet dry. They do tend to get wet!
Hey Carleen, that's a good point. I ran without carpet from Jan-June this year and it wasn't the most fun. Boy that floorboard gets hot on the feet.

Anyway, I'll post some updates in the near future as I'll be ordering new seals next week.
From what I have read the only real option is to bring to a glass place and have them do it. I couldn't find any good ways to remove the glass myself/ replacement seals