Rocks, Mud or Just Any Adventure?


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Do you day dream of a Modern Jeeper Adventure in the rocks, mud, or just anywhere as long as your jeeping with like minded wheelers?

First off, I do not like mud!
I will do everything I can to stay away from it.

Rocks, Mountains, desert trails or just out having fun adventures with friends in the dirt.

I don’t like cleaning up mud. Last trip to Sand Hollow it snowed. It was months before I got the mud out, and I wash my Jeep regularly.
NO MUD! Leave that for the kiddies to learn the hard way...
Otherwise, we prefer rocks, but also like the occasional adventure to old ghost towns, abandoned stuff, etc...


Jeep Owner
I've not done any real mud, and just getting a little on the tires on trails is a "No thank you" for me. Love rocks and love scenery/discovering hidden places.

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