Show Your 6Paks!

I couldn’t agree more. That is what makes these so special. Especially if your not afraid to do some trimming. Most folks easily forget how important up travel is. Then again man think the bigger the lift you have, the more travel you have.

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Not true, lift does not decide your travel, your hocks decide your travel, if you have a 15" 6 pak you will have 15" of available travel. problem is you need to mess with the shock mounts to use all of that. If you can adjust the mounts with 6 paks to use all that 15 in travel you are looking at a 1100 CTI
They really should make some longer ones with 17" of travel for those who still want to run bigger tires and more bumpstop. It'd be interesting to see how much you could get without joints binding and other issues. Or if it'd even be worth it.
If you run a 14" 6 pack front and rear you can still achieve over CTI 1100 if you use all the travel, you'll need extra long brake lines, and to check for Drag link bind and you'll need the 5.5 coils avoid unseating in the front, also at this point, the Duraflex CA ends will be binding in the stock frame and axle brackets, you will need custom wider brackets or CAs with smaller end forgings. thats with 14" travel shocks, Thats why MC won't make a longer travel version, so much more needed to accommodate that and no market for it because you'll be into custom everything then and thats not their game.


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New video promoting the 6Paks for the JL...



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New video promoting the 6Paks for the JL...

Woohoo! Can’t wait to see them out on the trails. Is there anything new or improved? How do they perform in comparison to the JK’s? As in are the JL’s showing more flex?