Swapping JK axles under TJ


Jeep Newb
So I have an 03 TJ. I got ahold of a set of JK axles that are already geared and trussed which is sweet because I saved a ton of money so now I can afford lockers. My question is what obstacles do you think I will encounter getting these under my TJ? They look almost the same besides the obvious size difference. Where the rear driveshaft connects to the diff it’s has a much different attachment than my tj if anyone can tell me if there might be an adapter or should I order a custom one. Any help would be appreciated this is my first coil sprung build and I’m not rich I get everything for as cheap as possible and do all the work myself

Todd Ockert

Post some pictures of the attachment.
I am sure Tom Woods can build you a drive shaft once you tell him what the attachment point is on the axle.
I think the JK axles are a little wider than the TJ ones are. You might run into a few issues with where the coil springs sit and possibly the shock mounting. Just a thought though.



Jeep Newb
I swapped a set of JK Rubicon axles under my TJ a few years ago.......

1) The only brackets on the JK axles that are in the right place (close enough) are the front upper control arm brackets. Everything else needs to be cut off and replaced with TJ brackets in the proper location. I used all Rubicon Express brackets. Measure and position all the new stuff carefully.

2) JK axle assemblies are about 5" wider than TJ axles. Bolt pattern is different too. I used stock JK wheels (with a ton of backspace) and only gained about 2" of overall width.

3) Pinion yokes were replaced with TJ style yokes I bought from Driveline Service in west Sacramento. (916) 371-3332 I can't recall 100% but I think we had to change the driveshaft lengths a bit too.

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