Tire carriers


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Debating on a gate mounted carrier or a bumper mounted carrier. What are y’all’s opinions/preferences of the two?
I have the MC sportgate and I love it. I can go with any bumper at any time. Sure I am limited to my tire size because of the weight limit being 150lbs but at this point in time I don't plan on ever running more than a 35" tire.
I have a gate mounted carrier. It's simple and functional and integrates well into the door release. The downsides being the weight limit (usually 37" tire max) and limited number of accessory mounting points. My carrier can hold one rotopax or a hilift jack, but that's about it. Typically less expensive than a bumper carrier since you're not usually buying a bumper with the setup.

Most bumper carriers will hold more weight. Some will even have a number of add on mounting points for accessories. Potentially more expensive if you have to buy the bumper with the setup. But overall you're getting more weight capacity and probably more options for carrying more stuff.

Like most everything Jeep related, it just depends on budget, what you do with your Jeep, and where your build will take you to determine the best option.
Building off El Sanchimoto and gingerempire's responses, it depends on which size tires and your vision for your Jeep. With my Dana 30 up front, I know that 35" is as big as I'll go, so I went with the hinge-replacement, tailgate mounted solution. If I were building a beast, though, there's no doubt I would pick a bumper mounted carrier – likely one with the extra steel protection back there.
In my recent research it depends on styling, weight, and future upgrades. gate mounted carriers will "lack" in style and weight capability but offer a larger selection of bumper options = style. They also open a few different avenues of future upgrades.

I can not speak on the bumper mounted carriers as i have the TF Gate carrier.

Price is also an issue. Gate mounted carriers are much less expensive than a bumper, carrier combo.
I went with a bumper-mounted/tailgate-tied carrier and kind of regret it. Functionality is great, but my tailgate rattle started after I mounted the bumper/carrier, and has gotten MUCH worse over the years. Adjusting the latch hasn't helped, either.
agree, with all the above, depends on what your tire ambitions are. I've got an LOD bumper with tire mount, it's held up really well even with 40" tires. only thing I had to do was make a custom mount for the 8 lug wheels when I switched over.
for me it came down to vehicle use and tire size, for my terrain and use a 35" tire works, so I went with a beefier tailgate mount.
I have the MetalCloak rear bumper and tire carrier, and its utility has been awesome! I love that it's essentially unlimited in how much weight I can hang off of it, and it never rattles. I have mounted to the tire carrier a 14.5-gallon Titan Trekker fuel tank, 35" spare (soon to be 38"), a 60" Hi-Lift Jack, and a Trasharoo. It still opens and closes with just 2 fingers.
If you plan to go big later, or plan to go extreme offroading i would probably look into the bumper carrier. it will allow for more protection as well as taking stress off the tub. otherwise the TF hinged Carrier is good up to 37" tire. possibly a 40 if you go with the right aftermarket bumper and is a stronger support for the tailgate. it also gets the tire ALOT closer to the jeep. mine is only 1.5" off the gate, that is a much smaller lever arm for the downward forces to act upon.

check out ebay and FB marketplace as well. that may sway your decision...