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Looking getting a torque wrench, since I don't own one. I'm tired of borrowing from Auto Zone! What should I be looking for? Any brands to avoid? I know Snap-On and Matco make incredible tools, however they are a bit out of my price range...what else is out there?


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What are you using it for? There are a few types of Torque wrenches but all have their place.

Electronic ones grab your attention but are really only great for engine work where you need to be precise. They suck to use on Lugs.

On Lugs, click types work very well.

GearWrench is a great brand for someone who wants good quality but does not need to for making a living every day. Some mechanics do use them. If you want cheaper, Tekton and Husky come to mind.


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Thanks. I am looking for one for doing beadlocks, suspension parts, and any other bolt on piece. No engine work.

Definitely don’t want a digital set up. Clicker is more what I’m after.

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My suggestion to you:

Nice 1/2" GearWrench

Half the price 1/2" Tekton

I have both and my only complaint about the Tekton is how it is labeled. Many first time users will not get the setting correct due to the markings. Once you are used to it, no issue. I like the GearWrench more, but it is twice the price.

Lower Torque rated Tekton
Thanks buddy[emoji106]

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I have one from Lowes, that is their Rigid brand.
It came in a case, and works exceptionally well.
It is the click type, and I use it a lot on the beadlocks on the Jeep.