Wrench guy
The track loc is decent, the clutches are replaceable as a kit. It does require either special tools to compress the outer (axle shaft gears) to roll out the other 2 spider gears to replace the clutches. Can be done with some ingenuity

This isnt exactly how I do it, but this vid shows what needs to be done. I use 1 long bolt and 2 nuts against each side gear on the inside to compress the upper and lower side gears at the same time then rotate the housing to remove the spider gears. Totally makes sense right? LOL

Usually special friction modifier fluid is required, if you don't use it. The clutches will wear out prematurely
I know the Willys JKs came with them on the rear, and I’ve seen them perform where open-diffs did not. For my own Jeep, though, I was attracted to TrueTracs for automatic traction.