What did you do to your jeep today?

Put some Bombshells on my Jeep. While doing it, for some reason, I decided to reach up and give the drag link a shake. Time for a new drag link.
I was taught to take care of my toys. Despite not being the most "Jeep" thing today I gave my Rubi a real nice bath. I spent the last 7 hours cleaning it up real nice with a wash, then clay bar with suds, scrubbing tires & wheels, rinse, then another wash after cleaning the wash mitts, rinsing again, then a complete drying, then clay bar again with detailing spray, then wiping down completely with clean micro fiber towels, then cleaning the door jambs & freedom top panels, cleaning rocker panels & rock sliders, and retreating windows with rain-x.

I clay barred twice because it hadn't had a proper cleaning since I bought it last summer and there was lots of contaminate bonding to the clear coat. There was also a bunch of over-spray from some black plasti-dip that I used to help seal up the kargo master congo cage (after using sealant on the joints). It was real hard work but it's ready to get dirty again!
I got a chance this weekend to rid the interior of the silver plastic accents, and paint the console cluster housing prepping for when the white gauge faces arrive.

I first tried doing them in plastidip which so many people love and even put a couple coats of their plastigloss on but when I reinstalling one of the door trim pieces it started peeling (it also didn't feel great). Realizing it was only a matter of time until the rest took enough abuse to start peeling, I went and bought some rustoleum plastic paint and re-painted everything after peeling the plastidip. It was worth taking the time and doing it all right, and having the patience to let them fully set. They all look and feel like hard plastic and it makes all the difference.



I spoiled my Rubi this weekend. 3 days in a row of wheeling from valley floors to mountain tops. Today we hit 5k ft in the San Gabriel mountains (pictured), yesterday was around 4.5k ft in the mountains around Last Chance Canyon.